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February 29, 2012

Find User Tables and Their Columns Info in SQL Server Using Object Catalog Views (Repost)

Marlon Ribunal's Note On SQL Server

[Update 07-09-09: Added MSDN Link at the bottom]

Here’s a quick TSQL solution that you can use to find all the User Tables and their Columns, inluding Data Types, and Column size. This is useful when you need a quick way of finding info on creating your Database’s documentation. Whenever I am asked to document a new system/application or review an existing one, I always want to start from the very core of the system – mostly, this is a Database backend.

p.max_length AS[SIZE],

FROMsys.objectsAS t

JOINsys.columnsAS c
JOINsys.typesAS p
ON c.system_type_id=p.system_type_id

WHERE t.type_desc='USER_TABLE';


Querying the SQL Server System Catalog FAQSQL Server 2005 | SQL…

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