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Random Notes (12 OCT 09)

October 12, 2009

I started to jot down notes in a notebook – I mean the old school notebook. I have other means to do this digitally but I decided to do it this way to have the feel of real note-taking (Yes, I have a delicious account and I haven’t fully utilized my evernote account). A small composition notebook that I can keep in my pocket and can take wherever I go is just what I need. From time to time, I will share here the “notes” that I have written. I consider these as “technical notes” although most people would consider them junk.  I would like to point out that the notes that I record in my notebook may be verbatim of any article. So, please don’t sue me if you see an exact copy of your sentences or paragraphs in these “notes”. I don’t have any particular style or technique of jotting down notes.

  • SQL Server 2000 DTS packages that are stored in Visual Basic files cannot be migrated to SSIS 2008
  • Dtexec – Command-line utility to execute packages from comman prompt.
  • User Accounts needed when viewing, modifying, scheduling, or editing an Integrations Services package:
  1. User Account of the package owner; or,
  2. Account with SYSADMIN role on the server on which the package is actually stored
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