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How To Achieve?

September 15, 2009

[ I was digging through my old stuff and I came across a white pad I used to take notes. In the middle of the pad, I found an old essay I wrote. This was written on July 31, 2004.  I am putting this in my blog without much editing. Forgive me for any violations on grammar.  This is no way technical but I think I should add this to my blog. ]

How can we measure man’s fulfillment? How one’s achievements contribute in defining one’s sense of success? “To have” and “to be” are two distinctions we can ascribe to as how to gauge one’s contentment. The basic formula is this: Know what you want and do what it takes to get it – no detours, no shortcuts. But that is easier said than done. Knowing what you want is itself a complicated endeavor . You don’t get to figure out what you really want to achieve in life just by dreaming the fancy of success. A Chinese philosopher said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Start achieving by putting actuality to your goals. However there are some elements to consider in deciding what and how to achieve things: Existential Location, Internal Strength, Sense Of Mission, and Ambitious Attitude.


Here is your starting point. This is yourself in the “as is” condition. By your past, or what have you achieved so far, you can tell what you may want to have or to be. The truth is, you can have them both. You can be rich and be happy about it. Having the feeling of where you are tells you exactly how far or how close you actually are from the things you want to achieve. This is your tool to measure the distance or proximity between you and your dream.


Having known your location, it is very important then to audit your arsenal and provision. Am I equipped with what I need to accomplish things? Do I have the ability to stand by what I want and do I have enough courage to actually achieve it?

Your assessment of your worth comes in in this category. Socrates had put it wisely, “Know thyself.” In this respect, are you being realistic in terms of what you want to achieve and what you can achieve? Congruency is a mathematical attribute that we can consider as a virtue when we speak of the feasibility of our dreams. There are things that we can do, and there are things that we can’t do.


[This part is intentionally omitted.]


Being ambitious in non-deceitful   fashion makes you prudently aggressive. Now being too ambitious is another story. Do you have the guts to achieve despite obstacles?


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