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Southern California Code Camp Day # 2 – Final

January 29, 2008

The first Code Camp that I ever attended has been concluded. Although I did not get the XBox 360 on the raffle draw, I was very happy for the 2 books I got for free a day prior . And how much can you tag on all the knowledge I learned from the sessions I attended? Priceless!

Because Keith Rull picked his “Best Session”, I felt obliged to do the same. It is hard to choose which session is the best. Since this is my first time to attend such event, I consider all the sessions to be the the best! I really am thankful to Keith Rull for opening my eyes to the World of Programming. He made me aware that events such as the SoCal Code Camp exists. I am way older than this gentleman but I look up to him for advice. His suggestions and comments really help a lot (thanks, Keith). Alright, I don’t want to be all so sappy about this!

Going back to the best session…

If I knew well what Paul Sherrif was talking about, his session on “Data Controls in ASP.NET 3.5” could have been my best session. Sadly, though, I profess my lack of knowledge on the topics discussed. I would say Denny Cherry (MySpace DBA) really caught my attention. We all know that MySpace has one of the biggest and busiest databases in the world basing on the number of transactions, size of the databases, and coverage of audience of the site.

Denny’s session on “Service Broker in the Real World” has opened doors for exploration. Some of the Service Broker Concepts Denny discussed were:

— Similar to other queuing technologies

— Data is processed using SEND and RECEIVE instead of SELECT and INSERT

— Data is sent as an XML data in a binary format.

— Queues can be processed automatically or on demand


The Service Broker in the Real World is my “Best Session on the SoCal Code Camp 2008“!

Souther California Code Camp 2008
Denny Cherry

Denny Cherry discussing about SQL Server (what else?!) with participants.

SoCal Code Camp 2008 Registration
Keith Rull
Keith Rull establishing the shot @ Registration
Paul Sherrif
Paul Sherrif preparing for his next session.

Thank you for naming my session “Service Broker in the Real World” as the best session of the code camp.  That means an lot to me.For the record, I don’t actually work at MySpace any more.


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